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Revelation 5:5

Who Will Prove To Be The Very"LAST PROPHET"That GOD Sends???

(Acts 3:19-23)

It has been interesting to note, some reformers from among Jehovah's Witnesses, who have recently become aware of the blatant "lawlessness" [Matthew 24:12] practiced by the leadership of the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization, have come to the ridiculous, UNSCRIPTURAL conclusion that heavenly enthroned Jesus Christ himself, will soon have to personally come back to earth, and literally straighten out God's Name People, yes particularly the chaste "virgin" class of the so-called "anointed" remnant from among them, so that these individuals can be re-grouped and "restored" back to God's favor. Yes, Jesus must personally come back, to personally cleanse again for a SECOND TIME the "anointed" from among Jehovah's Witnesses, to remove the horrible stain of idolatry and outright apostasy itself, that is thought to rest upon them today. Again we repeat, Jesus is thought to do this particularly for the so-called "anointed" from among Jehovah's Witnesses, because of sins like the ten (10) year United Nations NGO Affair of 1991-2001. It is thought, these particular individuals must be "bathed" clean again, and fully participate in another special "bath," that all "anointed" ones supposedly have already received at their initial anointing or unction. (Please compare Titus 3:5.) This is what they believe, and even teach to others. -- Please see also 2 Corinthians 11:3, 4; Proverbs 26:11; 2 Peter 2:20-22.

Now, what do you think of that???

Well, there is a certain special bible verse, namely Acts 3:21 that actually removes all doubt about such a foolish notion, on the part of these particular reformers among God's Name People, Jehovah's Witnesses. 

Please consider the following information that will scripturally address this point and explain the true meaning of 
Acts 3:20, 21.




As we recall, Acts 3:19-21 speaks of this great day of spiritual "restoration," this way from the New World Translation:

"Repent, therefore, and turn around so as to get your sins blotted out, that seasons of refreshing may come from the person of Jehovah and that he may send forth the Christ appointed for you, Jesus whom 
HEAVEN, INDEED, MUST HOLD WITHIN ITSELF until the times of RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS of which God spoke through the mouth of his holy prophets of old time."

Yes, did you notice the verse says, 
"HEAVEN, MUST HOLD" ... JESUS ... "WITHIN ITSELF", yes until spiritual "restoration of all things" is complete? Did you notice this point, clearly stated? Did you notice it?

Of course, this clearly means Jesus himself, 
DOES NOT DIRECTLY PARTICIPATE in the full "restoration" of EARTHLY apostate Israel of our times, yes, the wayward "12 tribes of Israel" in the last days that must experience a true "re-generation" [Greek: palingensis -- Matthew 19:28; Titus 3:5]. No, Jesus does not! No, but just as the verse says above, "heaven must hold within itself," Jesus who resides in heaven, yes, until the full "restoration of all things" is accomplished by "Elijah," just as Jesus promised. (Matthew 17:10, 11) That is precisely what Acts 3:21 means. The bible is clear on that point.

To further that thought, we vividly recall the fact that Jesus himself, referred to his being 
in heaven with all of his faithful disciples when the magnificent "Restoration of all things," as the prophets calls it, commences upon earth. Yes, Jesus said at Matthew 19:28 in the New World Translation

"...Truly I say to you, in the re-creation [Greek: 
palingenesis], when the Son of man sits down upon his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also yourselves sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel." -- Please compare also Titus 3:5 where the same Greek word is employed.

Now, with that thought in mind, lets' consider what Jesus clearly said at Matthew 17:11. He stated:

"...Elijah indeed, is coming and 

Yes, did you notice what Jesus said above? Yes, Jesus clearly said...Elijah was in the future. And when he comes, Jesus said that Elijah, and NOT HIMSELF, but only Elijah, would indeed "RESTORE ALL THINGS." That's what Jesus said was going to happen, in the last days...during our day and time. 

And of course, we know Jesus never claimed to be "Elijah," did he? Also, we know that this verse could not apply to "John the Baptist" as many claim again today, because the bible record itself does not show John the Baptist at any time, "restoring all things" during his brief ministry of some 6 months, does it? No, but it was Jesus Christ himself, who "restored all things" in the first century...isn't that so? So John the Baptist did not "restore all things" by no stretch of the imagination in the first century, but of course Jesus did...isn't that so?

In fact, we know that John the Baptist was even asked, point-blank by inquiring ones, was he actually "Elijah" the promised coming one, and the inspired record shows he emphatically said he was not. So nothing could be clearer than John the Baptist's OWN WORDS, wouldn't you agree? 

Yes, the bible records John the Baptist himself as saying,

"And they asked him [John the Baptist]: What, then? Are you Elijah? And he said: I AM NOT..." -- John 1:21

Therefore, the promised coming of "Elijah," who was to "restore all things," thus will logically prove to be a MODERN-DAY PROPHET, one that Jehovah God uses to establish a Great Spiritual Temple in God's Name, and will lead the nation of "Israel," God's Name People...."back to God" far away from apostasy. This one we speak of, would be known as God's "Chieftain" who "eats bread" in the East Gate where God resides, and also as the "Servant" that brings the nation of Israel "back" to Jehovah, at God's request. -- See Isaiah 49:5, 6Ezekiel 44:3.

(To get more detailed information on the topic of the "Chieftain" & God's Temple see the article entitled: 
The "Temple of God" Under Construction Today)

Therefore, all of this thus means, during the time that this Specially Appointed Prophet of God is present, upon earth, carrying out his Special Ministry to "restore all things," Jesus would be in heaven! Simple.

Therefore, just as promised by Jesus to occur at the hands of the coming "prophet" 
who is very much like Moses, full "restoration of all things," would occur while Jesus was in heaven. In fact, you will notice after verses 20 and 21, yes Acts 3:22, 23 continues this thought by saying,

"In fact, Moses said, Jehovah God will raise up for you from among your brothers a prophet LIKE ME. You must listen to him according to all the things he speaks to you. Indeed, any soul that does not listen to that Prophet will be 
completely destroyed from among the people."

Yes, this "Prophet" who is most like Moses spoken of above, would be the same one foretold to come we know as the one called "Elijah," again the one that Jesus said would also "restore all things." (Matthew 17:10, 11) However, in this instance, he is simply referred to as the "Prophet" who is most like Moses. Yes, he becomes the one who comes with a "covenant," like Moses (Isaiah 42:6; Isaiah 49:8). Indeed, his earthly ministry would be during a very, very difficult time ... yes during the time of the terrific, imposing ride of the long foretold symbolic "Four Horsemen" of the book of Revelation, yes where great "warfare," worldwide "famine" or food shortages, deadly "plagues" and diseases of all kinds, and finally untimely "death" wrecks havoc upon all unsuspecting mankind, a havoc so great that will undoubtedly claim the lives of a quarter (1/4) of the world's existing population...Wow!!! -- Please see Matthew 24:7, 8; Revelation 5:1-5; Revelation 6:1-8.

Yes, Jesus showed that he would actually be in heaven, sitting upon thrones along with the faithful from among the first century, "judging" together the "12 tribes of Israel" who exist at that time upon earth, in apostasy.

Interestingly, noted bible scholar W.E. Vine, commenting on Matthew 19:28 and Acts 3:21 makes the following connection with outright apostasy and the need for total "regeneration" of faith, for the entire nation of Israel by saying:

"In Matt. 19:28 the word [
palingenesis] is used, in the Lord's discourse, in the wider sense, of the "restoration of all things" (Acts 3:21, R.V.) when, as a result of the Second Advent of Christ, Jehovah 'sets His King upon His holy hill of Zion' (Ps. 2:6), and Israel, NOW IN APOSTASY, is restored to its destined status, in the recognition and under the benign sovereignty of its Messiah." -- See Vines Expository of New Testament Words under subheading for the word "Regeneration." 

Therefore, we can see again the weighty connection between Acts 3:21 and Matthew 19:28 and how, the theme of "apostasy" is at the core of the discussion, when Jesus made such an insightful statement. Clearly, Jesus is saying that he himself would be actually, IN HEAVEN, while the nation of Israel was to be found in "apostasy" and needing full "restoration" during the "time of the end."

And since this "prophet like Moses" is shown to be the very Last Prophet that God will send to Israel, and earth itself, then yes ... God's Name People, must pay STRICT HEED to everything, yes everything he says, as Jehovah is not going to send another prophet to the nation of Israel, or earth's inhabitants after this time. No, he will not, the bible shows us. Therefore, anyone who does NOT strictly listen to the voice of this Last Prophet that God sends, will be as the verse says, "completely destroyed from among the people," in Gehenna or the Lake of fire, everlasting death. Think about it! -- Please compare Isaiah 49:8; Malachi 4:5, 6; Matthew 17:10, 11; Acts 3:22, 23.

Therefore, even under such dire straits for the world at large, still this spiritual "restoration of all things" from Jehovah, under the leadership of the foretold coming of the "Prophet" 
most like Moses, then must first be fully accomplished during the period we call the "re-creation" or palin-genesis [see footnote NWT Lg Prt bible] as spoken of at Matthew 19:28, 29. And all of this occurs before, before  the "coming system of things" or the 1,000-year reign of peace can begin, where finally the repentant servants of God, repentant "Israel," finally gains "everlasting life," as Jesus said.

Now, most would agree, when we come to understand the entire situation facing mankind, the enormous weight of this job, that this IS a pretty big assignment for one, puny imperfect man "made of clay" to handle, wouldn't you agree? We, of the YORWW Congregation certainly think so. -- 
Job 33:6 

Therefore this one, this modern day "Elijah," then would have to have a strong force, a generous portion of God's Holy Spirit upon himself, to handle such a weighty assignment from God, wouldn't you think? At least, comparable to what Moses had himself, but perhaps even more so. We remember Moses had an abundance of holy spirit, so much so, as to share "holy spirit" with 70 other men. -- See Numbers 11:25. 

Therefore, we must consider what’s at stake here. Yes, "Elijah" must fully accomplish his mission, because so much is at stake in terms of lives, human lives being lost possibly. Thus, reasonably we would expect he would need a generous supply of God's Holy Spirit to fully accomplish his ministry.

Article written by:


Donald C. Burney

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