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 Were you aware of the fact the Watchtower Society was secretly accepted and approved official NGO SUPPORTERS OF THE UNITED NATIONS FOR TEN (10) YEARS? 
Were You Aware 
Of This???

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Please see link to a PDF from the United Nations: http://www.livingwatersforum.com/yor/online_pdf/March%204%2c%202004%20NGO.pdf

Were you aware of this fact?

Are you shocked to find this out?

As all Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide have been taught, the bible is quite clear on such like activity of apostasy against Jehovah by saying:

"...friendship with the world is enmity with God."

-- James 4:4 New World Translation

Is that not so?

Think about it.

Additionally, were you aware of this important fact, namely in the year of
1994, the publication called The “REPORT"  was the first, yes the very first printed publication to mention the unusual posture of the Watchtower Society toward the United Nations Organization with the use of the September 8th, 1991 Awake! magazine. (See The "Report" book expose' entitled: "A Change In Viewpoint Concerning The United Nations" pages 205-211.)

Did you know this?

Indeed yes, this is true. And all of this again, happened in the year of

Please find below some excerpts taken from this publication that first revealed the
"UNFAITHFULNESS" OF THE GOVERNING BODY AND WATCHTOWER SOCIETY in their new and unusual attitude toward the United Nations, per the release of the September 8th, 1991 Awake! magazine.

(In reading the material provided below, please keep in mind, when this article was first written back in
December 1991 and published in October 1994 by Donald C. Burney, who is the founder & spokesperson for the YORWW Congregation, he had no such knowledge the Watchtower Society in 1991 had OFFICIALLY APPLIED TO BECOME NGO SUPPORTERS OF THE UNITED NATIONS with the UN Department of Public Information and additionally held that position for 10 years till 2001.)

---The following excerpt is taken from pages 205-206 of
The "Report" Book Volume I---


As we know, it has been said many times in the Watchtower Society's publications that the theme of the entire Bible is God's kingdom. That was the theme of Jesus' ministry and is claimed to be the theme of Jehovah's Witnesses' ministry and message under the direction of the Watchtower Society. However, an article in the September 8, 1991 Awake! never pointed to that kingdom in any form or fashion. That particular article never even mentioned God's Kingdom or any scripture of the Bible to present Jehovah's viewpoint on this disgusting and misleading organization! This was a very unusual article published by the Watchtower Society indeed. Did you notice this while reading the article yourself???

Instead of taking their previous stand of staunch resistance against the U.N., they insinuated to over 11 million readers, that the United Nations political organization may be able to bring about their accomplished goal of peace. You may be saying: "How did the article do that?" It was by skillful and adroit use of such noncommittal statements as:

"If this could be done, then the UN's voice of jurisdiction could authoritatively denounce any nation threatening the peace of the world."

Individuals reading this may get the idea that the U.N. is within reach of bringing about this `peace for the world.' In commenting on the Persian Gulf Crisis and the U.N.'s use of force to gain world-peace, the article had this to say:

"Perhaps you are wondering, `Was the UN's role in the Persian Gulf crisis a start in this direction?' It could be."

It is clear that this article made no attempt to clarify to the reader the difference between the false peace that man may be able to temporarily bring and the true peace that the Bible speaks about, which as we know, will come only through the "Prince of Peace," Jesus Christ. (Isaiah 9:6) Nevertheless, someone will say: "The Watchtower Society in the past, has written numerous articles stating these very same points. In fact, the Watchtower magazine over the years has become a hated publication because of taking a firm and adamant stand against the U.N. and it's predictions for the future. They don't have to spell out every detail of the Bible's position on the U.N. each time they write an article on the subject, do they? Everybody knows where the Society stands, right???"

-----The following excerpt is taken from page 208 from
The "Report" Volume I. ----


1) Could the article mislead people who are unfamiliar with Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs giving them the impression that the Witnesses are in favor of the United Nations?

2) Could those who are somewhat familiar with the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses now conclude that Jehovah's Witnesses have a new policy concerning the United Nations organization and are now in favor of such?

3) And worse, could the Jehovah's Witnesses themselves get the message that it's time to take a new approach to the message of the `enemy?' Yes, `let's soften 'em up a little bit,' then the people will listen better.'

These are questions that we need to give serious and sober consideration to. Our very lives may depend upon our having the proper perspective of this matter.

-----The following excerpt is taken from page 211 of
The "Report" Volume I-----

Can we stand before Jehovah and truthfully say that the Society has done just that with the writing of this particular article on the United Nations? Can we truthfully say that? We repeat, nowhere is there one
single scripture mentioned in the entire article! No, not one. There is not one solitary mention of God's Kingdom in the whole article! How will the people know from what source real peace will come?

Believe it or not, this is the
very first article of its kind on the vital subject of the United Nations Organization. But it will probably not be the last. There is absolutely no excuse for this! Unfaithfulness is quite evident on the part of the Watchtower Society in the publication of this article! But nevertheless, what conclusion have you reached on this article? Yes, what conclusion do you think you should reach concerning this matter? THIS: The September 8, 1991 Awake! article on the United Nations is a miserable and totally untenable display of cowardice! -- 2 Timothy 1:7
--------------------------End of all excerpts------------------------------

(For an in depth discussion on the Watchtower Society's secret participation as NGO Supporters of the United Nations Organization, complete with links to the
Guardian Newspaper (of the UK) expose' article revealing the illicit relationship in October of 2001, see article entitled: Oholah & Oholibah -- Wicked Prostitute "Sisters" Before God! )

In reading the above material, do you find it startling that such information could be gleaned from reading the
September 8th, 1991 Awake! article on the United Nations? Indeed, even since the release of this magazine, there have been published numerous articles in the Awake! magazine and other publications, that have continued to extol the virtues of the United Nations Organization. For example the November 22nd, 1998 Awake! issue, which the Watchtower Society actually gained international acclaim and recognition for writing, as highlighted by the United Nations official website.

See Link to UN Website which shows
Awake! Magazine Honored For NGO Participation: http://www.unhchr.ch/udhr/materials/articles.htm

THINK: Today, if you still have a copy of this particular magazine (September 8th, 1991 Awake!) in your possession, now knowing the real facts behind it, ask yourself, would you reach the same conclusion about it you did back in 1991, when it was first released...would you?

Think about it.

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Jehovah's Witnesses being secret United Nations-NGO supporters for approximately ten years. (Please Note: Some of the views presented in this video may not be those

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