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A full-grown lamb and a baby lamb or lambkin. See the difference???


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Can You Count To Two (2)???

Can You Count To Two (2)???

Two Birds,

Two Goats,

Two Lambs,

Part 2

God’s “Sacred Secret” Revealed In The “Scapegoat” Covenant

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Text Box: Banished 
From Israel!



There are many other features of the Mosaic Law Covenant that will have to be brought up again, as mentioned in the book of Revelation, where it described it as mankind again learning the "Song of Moses," and its true meaning for us today. Plus the “New Song,” also called the "Song of the Lamb,"... a very "New Song" for all concerned. -- Ephesians 1:8-10; Revelation 5:9, 10; Revelation 14:3; Revelation 15:3

For example the celebration of Pentecost, where "2 lambs" and "2 loaves" of bread were "waved" does picture something very grand and profound for our day and time, as well as for all the anointed footstep followers of Jesus in the first century. 

"Out of your dwelling places you should bring two loaves as a wave. Of two tenths of an ephah of fine flour they should prove to be. They should be baked leavened, as first ripe fruits to Jehovah...And you must render up one kid of the goats as a sin offering and two male lambs, each a year old, as a communion sacrifice. And the priest must wave them to and fro along with the [two] loafs of the first ripe fruits, as a wave offering before Jehovah, along with the two male lambs. They should serve as something holy to Jehovah for the priest." -- Lev. 23:17, 19, 20 NWT

Text Box: (A Close Analysis of Leviticus 16:10) Part 2

First we notice there are two (2) LEAVENED loaves that are "waved" as "firstfruits" to Jehovah God, for full acceptance as a "communion offering." Of course the "leavened" bread pictures "sin" held deep within the members of this new covenantal arrangement itself. (1 Corinthians 5:7, 8) These "sinful" ones then, are leavened "loaves" that are "waved" before Jehovah the Almighty, for Covenantal Acceptance, in this instance. The "loaves" then, picture repentant "Israel," or Israelites formerly under the Mosaic Law Covenant + new converts from the "nations" or Gentiles" [Hebrew: Goiim or Greek:Ethnos] to makeup the New REPLACEMENT "Israel" of God, a chosen "people for His Name," as Acts 15:14 & 17 points out. (See also Matthew 21:43.) It would be this combination of two (2) distinct peoples/nations [Greek: Ethnos] that would now makeup God's Name People, led by those of the natural nation of "Israel," those taught directly by Jesus, the apostles taken from the Jewish nation. These are the ones of the nation of Ancient "Israel" that was willing to heed Jesus' warning for this people, and were willing to "repent" to enjoy "seasons of refreshing" from the very face of Jehovah. (Acts 3:19) Therefore with Jesus, they became this first "lamb" and the first "loaf" which was "waved," that was accepted at Pentecost of the first century, by God  Almighty Jehovah.

So when we consider this important biblical account, we notice that with each "loaf," a "lamb" was to be "waved." In the first century, this "Lamb" pictured the one who made all of this possible, the True Passover "Lamb," Jesus Christ, whose righteous, spilled "blood," made the first century covenant as well as the newer arrangement (Scapegoat Covenant) we speak of, entirely possible in our day. This was Jehovah's Original Intent, as expressed in Genesis 3:15, to use the blood of Jesus in this special way. Thus, it became a Grand “Sacred Secret” [Greek: mysterion] on God's part. -- John 1:29, 36; Revelation 10:7

The first "lamb," thus points forward to the
major "sacrificial" lamb of God, namely Jesus Christ who actually made all of this possible, both covenant arrangements, both "Christian" Law and "Scapegoat" Law, and additionally made possible the full acceptance in peace of the entire nation of Israel under the "curse" of the Mosaic Law [the first "loaf"], who had to be liberated from that particular "curse" to become fully acceptable to Jehovah God. (Galatians 3:10) These few ones from the Jewish Community then, after being mercifully liberated from the "curse" of the Mosaic law, then could righteously be "presented" to Jehovah as a "communion offerings" of peace [along with the new "Gentile" converts who greatly augmented the size of the 'new nation for God's Name,' per Acts 15:14, 17.] All of these ones, gained full acceptance as people under a "new covenantal" arrangement before Jehovah, and became true anointed ones of the first century who died faithful to God, and were taken to heaven as spiritual "Israel," as certain "firstfruits" to God. These ones of the first century, thus became those ultimately bound for heavenly life and also, heavenly rulership with Jesus. Amazing!  -- Leviticus 23:17, 19, 20; James 1:18

Next, later in the ceremony, we see a second "lamb" and "loaf" which is also "leavened" and is likewise "waved" before God Almighty. This second "waving" of a "lamb" and "loaf" shows, uniquely the actual NEED for a second "lamb" [a modern-day messiah] in assisting a modern day "Israel" or second leavened "loaf," which must be lifted up from "apostasy" against God, as a nation. (Isaiah 49:5, 6) So, this second "loaf" now, must be "waved" or presented to Jehovah God, in a "communion offering" for acceptance, as a symbol of peace between God and the new God’s Name People/Nation of “Israel” of our modern-day times. -- Acts 15:14, 17

Thus, the second "lamb" that is "waved" must then picture a "justified" descendant of Adam and Eve, the "seed of Eve" spoken of in 
Genesis 3:15. He becomes a person "declared righteous" before God, who can, in his "justified" state before God, now act as a symbolic "lamb" in a sacrificial sense, to redeem "Israel," and "bring back to God," an apostate "Israel" that has developed into a very wicked nation of people, all within these "last days" of our times. He becomes a "guiltless one" before God Almighty, a person in whom God has selected to experience a true "anointing" by Jehovah as a spiritual "son" of God while on earth. He was given "authority" to become a spiritual "son" of God, by Jesus Christ himself. But he was "born from God" Jehovah, to do the will of Him that gave him life. -- Isaiah 49:5, 6; Romans 5:18; Romans 11:26, 27; Acts 13:38, 39; John 1:12, 13; Hebrews 2:11. 


Therefore, this new symbolic "lamb," this new "e-scape goat," throughout his entire ministry and life before God Almighty, then must prove himself to be one day, truly "worthy" before Almighty God and Jesus, to open the "7 seals on the scroll" of God, and explain these things to mankind, as true "Sacred Secrets" or Great "Mysteries" [Greek: mysterions] of God. (Revelation 5:1-5) A Great "Sacred Secret" indeed, which would be "finished" or fully understood as Revelation 10:7 says of our day, during the "final part of the days," when he was due to "arrive" on the earthly scene, as the foretold "that which is complete," as "Shiloh," and as the "one who has the legal right" before God. Incredible, is it not? -- Genesis 49:1, 10; Ezekiel 21:27; 1 Corinthians 13:10 

Thus, we can finally make a clear distinction here, in that this symbolic sacrificial "lamb" as mentioned in the book of Revelation SHOULD NOT be understood to be Jesus Christ, as commonly thought. In fact, the Greek word "lamb," employed by the apostle John some 28 times in the book of Revelation is arnion which is actually a "baby lamb" or "lambkin" and differs greatly from the Greek word amnos which John, the inspired writer of Revelation, himself uses to describe a full-grown ADULT "lamb," as it were.  -- John 1:29

Naturally, this full-grown "lamb" could picture no one better than our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ himself, as John 1:29 and John 1:36 describes him. So then, the "first" lamb then would picture Jesus Christ, and would be the first lamb "waved" or presented to Jehovah God. Also, the first "loaf," would picture first century "anointed" footstep followers, who were to be taken to heaven at death. And afterwards, in our day and time, the secondary "lamb" or baby "lambkin" [Greek: arnion] spoken of as a symbolic "lamb" in the book of Revelation, would become the "lamb" of our day, the "lamb" or "lambkin" of our modern day time. (Please notice the apostle John also uses the Greek word of arnion at John 21:15 where it is used to describe new followers of Jesus Christ as baby "lambs" or lambkins.) 

Upon close examination of the book of Revelation, we find this unique Greek word "lambkin" mentioned some 28 times within the prophecy itself. It is this baby "lamb" or actual "lambkin," which proves to be an "anointed" footstep follower of Christ, a member of the "Christian" Covenant itself. He was to be "waved" in our day and times, as a "communion" offering, before Jehovah God again showing the full acceptance of God toward this new Scapegoat Covenant Arrangement, with His full approval for the modern day nation of God's Name People, modern-day "Israel," of God's making. Likewise, who today would be the first people called, “invited,” or given this unique opportunity for such a glorious privilege? -- Matthew 22:14

Well, it was God's Will for
Jehovah's Witnesses to become the first chosen for the second "loaf." Of course we know, only a small remnant from their number will “repent,” yes, exactly like [a paradigm] what happened in the first century. These individuals realize they must likewise be liberated from the “curse” of God’s Original Law, yes, from the old covenant arrangement, the "Christian" Covenant, in this case. Additionally, to greatly augment this small number of individuals, a small "mystery" nation of Jehovah's Choosing would be added to their number to round out the newly formed Nation of "Israel." Indeed secretly, Jehovah God had been grooming this particular people, for this special position all along, ever since 1930, by way of the Rastafarian Movement of Jamaica! This startling fact, would later prove to be a world wide testimony of Jehovah’s Great Foresight into the future. Think about it! 

Therefore, it is my (Donald C. Burney) distinct honor and privilege to announce to the entire earth, yes, the
Jamaican People themselves, are now officially to be recognized as God’s Name People -- a people who currently number in the small millions today, and who interestingly are like the nation of Jehovah's Witnesses today, who also number into the small millions. (The choosing of a “small nation,” would be in complete harmony with the Divine Principle announced to Ancient Israel at Deuteronomy 7:7.) Therefore based upon these facts, we can logically expect those who willingly & sincerely "repent" from the Jehovah's Witnesses, along with the Newly Chosen Name People for God in our modern day times, yes, those of the Jamaican Nation, to now become "certain firstfruits" to Jehovah as His "REPLACEMENT" Nation, as of …


 Wednesday, 9:00 a.m., February 8th, 2012.

(The date will be explained in a later article.) Praise Jah! -- Matthew 21:43; James 1:18 

Then too as we might expect, this newly installed modern-day symbolic "lamb" of God spoken of earlier, must now be "waved" [or presented] before God, along with the modern day "loaf" [repentant 
small remnant of Jehovah's Witnesses + the Jamaican Nation] ... these must be "waved" as a single "loaf," for full acceptance before Jehovah in the "End Times," the "last days," of our time. Which ultimately means, those among the Jehovah's Witnesses in mass, who DO NOT repent before Jehovah at such a critical time, will now find themselves existing in total treason and apostasy before God, existing as God's "enemies" per the warning words of Ezekiel 14:9, 10, James 4:4 Revelation 18:4, and invariably find themselves led,  and being punished for the many sins of the wicked modern-day "man of lawlessness," namely the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses ... the very ones who have willingly and shamelessly "put their threshold and doorpost" up beside God's "threshold and doorpost" in our modern day times. Yes, the ones that must be fully and completely "exterminated in God's anger." - Ezekiel 43:7-9; 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12



As we recall, the New Covenant was established with Jesus’ first century disciples, just like most today believe. But what most believers don't know, is that Jesus came back for these particular disciples in 70 C.E. and took them to heaven. 

(For more detail information concerning Jesus' return in 70 C.E., please see the article entitled: 
The Second "Parousia" of Christ -- Re-examined found at: )

Therefore, if Jesus came back for his anointed first century followers in 70 C.E. and took them to heaven, thus "abandoning" all UNFAITHFUL first century Christians to their own wicked devices, then this automatically means, the Christian Covenant itself, after 70 C.E. then 
LAY DORMANT for many, many years, yes up till 1931. (Matthew 24:40, 41) Up till that time, between 70 C.E. and 1931, then, no nation of people was willing to take upon themselves the Name of God and the responsibility that came with carrying that Divine Name upon themselves, as did Jehovah's Witnesses in that momentous year. No one was willing. This would be in following the example set by ancient Israel before them. (Numbers 6:27) Therefore, it was in that year, 1931 when Jehovah's Witnesses actually started the DIVINE NAME MOVEMENT, among religions. No one had done this before them. They were the first to do this, ON AN INTERNATIONAL SCALE. Thus, Jehovah's Witnesses became Spiritual "Israel" of our modern times, in 1931, by way of the blood of Jesus. Yes, in that year, Jesus Christ became mediator between Israel [or Jehovah's Witnesses] and Jehovah God. Jehovah Witnesses then, became part of the Christian Law Covenant" Arrangement. -- See the “Report” Book for details.

Therefore, Jehovah's Witnesses have continued in that same Covenant Arrangement from
1931 up till recently, when they as a nation and people, violated that Covenant by way of the hidden United Nations / Governing Body NGO Affair, in 1991. In other words, the leaders of the nation brought "community guilt" upon the entire nation, because of unfaithfulness in this instance. (See Leviticus 4:3.) Not to mention, the many other sins committed by the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses previously which, no doubt, have damaged the Jehovah's Witnesses' relationship with God Almighty. In this way, the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses have thereby "put their doorpost" and their "threshold" up "beside" God Almighty's "doorpost" and "threshold." For this, they must be "exterminated in God's Anger," completely. -- Ezekiel 43:7-9

Because of this situation, the nation of modern day "Israel" became “APOSTATE” before God, with this unique situation producing the actual NEED … the need for Another Covenant Arrangement, besides the one that Jesus mediated with them. (Isaiah 10:6) This new covenant arrangement (Scapegoat) then became necessary... in God's eyes. -- See
The “Report” Book for details.

"But, what covenant arrangement, if any, could be used AFTER Jehovah's Witnesses had fully violated and broken the Christian one?" one might ask.


PLEASE NOTE: In order to find out what arrangement we are talking about, we have to go back to the Mosaic Law to see how this would work, and come to understand God's Great Wisdom in handling this affair...His Great Foresight, in making preparation for such a great deliverance, and the fulfillment of His Original Word and Promise at Genesis 3:15.

Therefore, when we examine the book of Revelation, we notice at Revelation 15:3 it speaks of the "Song of Moses," and the "Song of the Lamb" also being sung. These two "Songs" are ones being sung by faithful individuals of our modern day time, since it plainly says the ones singing, have "come off victorious from the wild beast and from its image and from the number of its name standing by the glassy sea, having harps of God." -- Revelation 15:2

Indeed, the "Song of Moses" does take us back to the Mosaic Law Covenant , wherein many of its principles incredibly point forward to a dual "messiah“ concept to be revealed, in the “last days.” We believe, the “Scapegoat” Covenant itself, is firmly established by bible principles laid down in Leviticus 14th and Leviticus 16th chapters, respectively.

Then too, Revelation 5:8-10 speaks of this new arrangement as being a "New Song," the "Song of the Lamb," as also mentioned in Revelation 14:3. All of this means this "New Song," thus becomes the “means by which they [Israel] are saved” by way of a "New" Covenant Arrangement from God, if accepted by this small “remnant” of "Israel," [repentant Jehovah’s Witnesses] during the "last days" of this system of things. -- Acts 3:19; Acts 28:28 

Of course, we have to remember this "New" Covenant Arrangement, the E-scapegoat Covenant Arrangement that we speak of, could only be possible and could only itself become inaugurated, and put into operation by the unique, Godly application of the sin-atoning value of the precious blood of Jesus. Therefore, it is the special application of the blood of Jesus, that truly
validates the "New" E-scapegoat Covenantal Arrangement, by which all things are then, made possible. (Matthew 19:26) Additionally, we are also reminded too, that in keeping with His Stated Word as revealed in the Mosaic Law, it was only through Jehovah's Tremendous Divine Wisdom and Grand Foresight on all matters, that has made such an UNKNOWN, UNHEARD OF arrangement possible today. (Isaiah 52:15) Especially when we consider Jehovah had all of this in mind FROM THE BEGINNING, in the Garden of Eden, per Gen. 3:15. Incredible! Therefore, this clearly shows (a) the mystery of God would persist until the last days, according to His Will. And, (b) that Jehovah God, is "WISE ALONE," with that fact amply demonstrated for all to see, at this time, in the “last days” of this system of things. (Romans 16:27) Therefore, in keeping with His Great Wisdom and Amazing Foresight into all matters, Jehovah chose from among Jehovah's Witnesses or modern day "Israel," one lone human, one baptized, anointed brother from among their number, for this task, knowing within Himself exactly how He purposed to use such a human for His Divine Will. Jehovah chose to reveal his Great "Beauty" [or completely Symmetrical Divine Truth Message] as promised in the “Servant” Prophecy at Isaiah 49:3. Amazing!

Therefore this magnificent Choice within His Divinely Revealed Purpose amply demonstrates the truthfulness, veracity and wisdom of God's Original Promise at
Genesis 3:15, made in the Garden of Eden, when He spoke to those 3 rebels who had disobeyed Him and thought that they had somehow, vitiated or thwarted His Original Divine Purpose. Of course, we know that could not be. It’s simply not possible for such a thing to happen. -- Proverbs 21:30

Hence, we today can say the great "mystery of God," that has persisted until now, then must be revealed in our day. Yes, the "finished mystery" of our time as Revelation 10:7 says, must prove to be an imperfect, descendant of "Eve," the woman, which was foretold to bring forth a righteous "Seed" for God. He becomes the "Chosen One" that was "promised" to come from the sinful "woman" [Eve], and thru the sin-atoning blood of Jesus, this one would finally become God's “Chosen One” to rescue "Israel" from apostasy, as His "Servant," as God's Scapegoat Sacrifice. -- Leviticus 16:10, 20; Isaiah 42:1-9; Isaiah 49:1-9

Surely, as God's "Anointed One," or "Christ," of our modern age, he was appropriately "anointed" by God Himself, while within the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization, and later appropriately "sent out into the wilderness" BEFORE the great UN/NGO Sin was committed, to finally, save the nation from apostasy. (Isaiah 49:5, 6) In this capacity, he is then used as an "E-scapegoat" in that he is the first to successfully “ESCAPE" from the Organization of Jehovah's Witnesses, as an "ANOINTED" footstep follower of Jesus Christ, and maintain his original “Christian” Covenant with God, that is, the original one accepted in 1931, the one that Jesus mediates. In this capacity, God uses him as a "justified" or "declared righteous," guiltless, symbolic "lamb" to effect salvation for the modern-day nation of Israel, Jehovah's Witnesses, a nation who has now fully apostatized from God, and totally gotten away from the "Christian Law" that was given them, in 1931. -- Matthew 12:7; Acts 13:38, 39; Romans 5:18


Think about it!

Written By: 

Donald C. Burney


The "Chieftain" of God's Earthly Temple (Ezekiel 44:3)   


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