What Exactly Is TheYORWW???

This is why I say to YOU, The kingdom of God will be taken from YOU and be given to a nation producing its fruits.

-- Matthew 21:43 New World Translation

The YORWW ["Yah Our Righteousness" World Wide based upon Jeremiah 33:16] is an INTERNATIONAL INTERNET CHURCH or organization, which recently since 2006, is home-based in beautiful Jamaica, West Indies. Everything concerning the church is done on the internet. In other words, for the time being, there are no official church buildings being built or being used for worship. Only "private homes" (Acts 5:42 Complete Jewish Bible) are used for meetings and/or occasionally, available public facilities. (Acts 19:9) Thus, no "kingdom halls" [Jehovah's Witnesses meeting places] or physical church buildings, or any physical places of worship are built by congregation members, in keeping with the example set for us by first century Christians.

Internet Church…

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Some have wondered and asked us:

“Are you people Jehovah's Witnesses?”

Actually, no we are not recognized members of that organization. However, this group [YORWW] actually began back in the Spring of 1991, with 16 FORMER Jehovah's Witnesses as founding Members, or as "Locusts", who were most privileged to participate in the five (5) month "First Woe" of Revelation 9:1-12 upon wicked Modern-day Spiritual "Israel" [or Jehovah's Witnesses], fulfilling actual bible prophecy ... yes, back in the year of 1991. Additionally, our unique group was actually formed on a most important date, that of the commemoration of the Jewish Nation's Special Observance that is known as, the "33rd Day Of Omer or Lag BaOmer." Back in the year of 1991, that particular day of observance for the Jewish Nation, fell on the 1st day of May, after sundown. To be sure, that particular Jewish Observance itself in the future, will prove to be quite significant for all lovers of truth, earth wide.

Thus, our spiritual "ministry" then originally started out as an exclusive OUTREACH "MINISTRY" for Jehovah's Witnesses only, as the "lost sheep" of the "House of Israel," in harmony with the very words and "ministry" of Jesus Christ himself. (See Matthew 10:6; Matthew 15:24.) However as time passed, and as our literature clearly points out, that "ministry" of ours now includes the Nation of Jamaica, which we believe will be used by "JAH" [Jehovah] as He is often referred to on the island itself, as yes, a REPLACEMENT NATION for the Jehovah's Witnesses because of years of disobedience to God's Commands for them. (See Isaiah 26:4; Psalms 68:4; Matthew 21:43.) The following links shown below will help reveal that fact for you, and make it easier to understand exactly what we are saying.

Link #1: yorww.com/wilderness.html

Link #2: yorww.com/mission.html

Since Jehovah's Witnesses find themselves in exactly the same type of situation (needing, yes even requiring 'Messiah-like' spiritual "liberation") as did the Jewish Nation of Jesus' day, we've noticed many, many similarities between the two, namely the Jewish Nation of Jesus' day, led by the wicked Pharisees and religious leaders of that time, and the modern-day spiritual leadership of Jehovah's Witnesses and the powerful hold they have upon the "skinned & thrown about" sheep of the flock we refer to as "Jehovah's Witnesses." (Matthew 9:36) Indeed, we find just as in Jesus' day, these religious leaders wish to "keep the people down" by "taking away the key of knowledge" as Jesus said, yes, keeping precious "accurate knowledge" away from the people. (Luke 11:52; John 17:3 NWT) We today know, Jesus faced many hardships in trying to spiritually reach the bewildered people of his time, is that not so? Yes, it was quite difficult for Jesus to do this. In many instances, the bible tells us even, "stealth" or "secrecy" was employed by Jesus' disciples to overcome this sad situation. -- See John 3:2; John 19:38.

Yes, stealth ... is the key word here. And yes, "stealth" can be an acceptable means, for individuals [under powerful oppression by leadership] to finally learn the liberating truth, in our day. (John 8:32) So with the YORWW today, we know many Jehovah's Witnesses wish to ask us questions about our outreach ministry toward them. However, in many, many instances, they find themselves very, very afraid of the leadership of the Jehovah's Witnesses organization, and so refrain from doing so. They are afraid they may even be found out, and expelled from the congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses...just like in Jesus' day. -- See John 9:22; John 12:42.

For instance, if a secretive Jehovah's Witness was observed going to secret meetings of the YORWW at perhaps, a certain physical location, couldn't that person be MONITORED ... isn't that true? Yes, someone could watch that person, leave his home and follow that person to the designated point of destination, a known place or house of APOSTATES ... to attend secret meetings!!! Isn't that so??? Didn't Jesus himself, face the EXACT SAME SITUATION with the Pharisees wanting to expel any and all who wanted to give Jesus a listening ear? Even going to the point of sending secret "spies" to feign interest, so that they could somehow thwart Jesus' righteous ministry? And further, going so far as to threaten to expel anyone from the synogogue of the Jewish Nation, caught listening to Jesus ... didn't they do this? -- Luke 20:20; John 9:22; John 12:42; John 16:2


Therefore, with such wicked ones, wicked leaders of the nation, it is no surprise that such a situation exists today, as wicked opponents of the YORWW wish to bring us down, given the possibility of a sincere person (from among Jehovah's Witnesses) could want to be a "secret disciple" of our movement too. However, that possible danger has been avoided completely, using our method. Yes, a sincere Jehovah's Witness, could "secretly," in the complete privacy of his/her own home, in his "basement" even, could HAVE CHURCH, HAVE ASSOCIATION and SPIRITUAL EDIFICATION, yes, "incite to love and fine works" even, without anyone knowing. In fact, didn't Jesus actually have "secret" disciples, who came to him ... only "IN THE NIGHT?" -- See Luke 12:3; John 3:2; John 19:38; Hebrews 10:24, 25.

Think about it!

So then, the YORWW's way, is the best way to

handle all such situations, using the

INTERNET CHURCH method. Think about it!

To be sure, for the time being, the YORWW believes they should operate strictly in the "wilderness," from that particular perspective ... doing God's work from there. We believe this is biblical too. We [YORWW] all believe, we have voluntarily left the "city" [apostate "Jerusalem"], righteously yes, " ABANDONING" it, yes righteously "JUDGING" it, per Jehovah's Divine Instructions for such dire circumstances! (See Ezekiel 23:36, 45) To be sure, we believe such is actually recommended even, by the very example Jesus set for all first century Jewish Christians found at Hebrews 13:13, 14. Yes, the YORWW fully heeds Jesus' admonition which said to "FLEE ... Jerusalem!" (Matthew 24:15-22) Oh, yes, the YORWW has done this, so that they can truly be with Jehovah & Jesus, whom they say today have also ABANDONED the "city" itself, because of national apostasy, and who now ... actually dwells "OUTSIDE THE CITY" too. -- See Deuteronomy 23:14; Matthew 24:40, 41; 2 Timothy 3:5

For more details on the above information, please see the article entitled:

YORWW -- A Voice In The Wilderness & Beacon Of Light

For All Jehovah's Witnesses!!!

Indeed, ALL future prospective YORWW Congregation members, before being fully admitted into the YORWW Family as active members must ... must, after much bible study (a 90-day online bible study course in fact), have finally written their official letter of resignation from the Watchtower Society and the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses. This is a requirement for officially joining the YORWW itself. This is so because all participating members of the YORWW themselves firmly believe they must ALL speak out openly, publicly, even though they are in the "wilderness," just as recommended at Proverbs 31:8, 9. No, they do not believe they can endlessly display a "spirit of cowardice" and endlessly continue to 'keep quiet & hide' themselves, after knowing about the great spiritual atrocities and truly "detestable things" being committed and tolerated in modern-day apostate "Jerusalem" of our time, the city that 'carries God's Name upon it' ... over 100,000 Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses world wide! -- See Leviticus 5:1; Jeremiah 25:29; Ezekiel 9:4; 2 Timothy 1:7; Revelation 21:8 New World Translation 

As in ancient times during the prophet "Elijah's" day, the YORWW refuses to work under the leadership of wicked modern-day "Ahab-like" and "Jezebel-like" leadership, thus imitating the prophet "Elijah," who fled the nation during such a critical time as this. Yes, he fled, when national apostasy was going on for the nation of Israel. Thus, because of these dire circumstances of apostasy, the YORWW Congregation says they believe they also are the "voice in the wilderness" speaking strictly to all congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses. Like Jesus, the YORWW Congregation believes they were only “sent,” yes, to the "House of Israel," Jehovah's Witnesses. (Matthew 10:6; Matthew 15:24) This is how the YORWW Congregation sees their "ministry" ... it is thus, strictly to Jehovah's Witnesses, but now more recently, it also includes the Island of Jamaica. Praise Jah!

And of course, the YORWW sees this particular activity of theirs, as fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 40:3. They say, they will undauntedly continue to do this, “without letup” until full spiritual restoration comes from Jehovah God and Jesus Christ to the Jehovah's Witnesses as a people, even if only a small remnant should repent, as in the first century. (Acts 3:19; Acts 5:42 NWT) In this way, the YORWW Congregation says they become like a "prophet", like Elijah and John the Baptist, today, speaking to Modern Day "Israel," advocating repentance. And so in this capacity, they wish to remain in the "wilderness" and let the people GO OUT TO THEM, just like the prophet Elijah was contacted back in his day, as well as how John the Baptist was contacted in his day. (1 Kings 17:2, 3; Mark 1:4, 5) Indeed, we remember Jesus said John the Baptist was considered the greatest prophet before Jesus came. (Matthew 11:11.) The YORWW Congregation thus says, the position they have taken, is well-rooted in Holy Scripture. It is all scripturally-based. -- See Matthew 19:28; Acts 3:20, 21; Hebrews 13:13, 14.

John The Baptist


The YORWW Congregation is thus, surprisingly to many, not yet grouped or organized into small groups around the world. At least, not yet. However we do believe, that day will come very soon. But for now, the YORWW recommends all interested Jehovah's Witnesses themselves, or persons of interest for the time being, just stay at home and privately, carefully study over and fully contemplate the published written literature from the YORWW. Yes, they should properly "study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the world of truth." Indeed, this would be a worthy goal for all Jehovah's Witnesses ... to properly study God's Word, so that they can finally learn to "rightly divide the word of truth," so that they won't be embarrassed and reproached publicly, by groups like the YORWW ... which ultimately is indeed a shame and disgrace. (Proverbs 30:6; 2 Timothy 2:15 KJV) So then the YORWW recommends, while a person is in his particular "time of decision" of what they should do, it would be good for them to continue to feed upon key information, that is, "living," "healing waters" as it were, from the YORWW Congregation, as it appears on discussion boards on the internet, as well as other printed periodicals released by way of TV & Radio appearances, numerous newspaper articles written, and printed flyers distributed publicly, and through the mail ... information all written by the Modern-Day "Chieftain" of God's Newly Established Earthly Temple, Donald C. Burney. -- See Ezekiel 47:1-12; Ezekiel 44:3.

The following websites are all owned by the YORWW Congregation, and graciously provided for your benefit:

SingNewSong.com Discussion Board  or, CrossingEuphrates.com Discussion Board or, LivingWatersForum.com Discussion Board.

Usually on these particular membership-only discussion boards, the "blinds" are often "pulled" to keep outsiders and enemies of faith from seeing exactly what’s really going on there...stealth & secrecy in action, always for the YORWW. Therefore, usually, one cannot read information from these boards, unless they have a membership...except upon rare occurrences.

Also, YORWW members keep up with the newest blogs being put up (See
yorww.com/40blogsyorww.htm) where over 40 blogs, on ultra timely topics are shown and made available to the general public.

Indeed, this group has been organized and in operation for over Twenty (20) years, operating completely in the "wilderness" away from the Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses, since officially May 1991. The YORWW Congregation will not reveal their exact readership of literature, or how many people actually read their literature, where they live and so on, but always keeps this type of information completely confidential since many readers of their literature are still present in the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization and would be disfellowshiped if the Watchtower Society could find this info out.

However please note, one report did reveal, back in December 2004 for instance, on the LivingWatersForum Board, over 24,000 people [unique IPs] from all over the world, visited and read the chronology/1914 article within a 36-hour period. But, those are the only numbers being released at this time.

No doubt over a twenty (20) year period, the YORWW has contacted literally countless thousands of individuals from virtually every country around the world, anywhere Jehovah's Witnesses live. Here is a link describing the various methods used by the YORWW to contact these individuals: thereportbook.com/home.html

Remember, because of National Apostasy, the YORWW Church or Congregation operates much like the prophet "Elijah" of old and also John the Baptist. (Leviticus Chapter 4) John we remember, did his work just before Jesus came. Similarly, the YORWW (founded by all Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses) believe we are too in the same position today, as those two prophets of old, just before the "waiting" Jesus, "waits" for full and complete spiritual "restoration" occurs for "Israel" away from apostasy, and "waits" for this to be accomplished by "Elijah," as he promised, ... just before the "fear-inspiring" Day of Jehovah comes. -- Malachi 4:4, 5; Matthew 17:10, 11, Matthew 19:28; Acts 3:20, 21

Think about it!

Written By  Donald C. Burney

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