Oholah & Oholibah --
Wicked Prostitute Sisters!

Ezekiel Chapter 23

In-depth Discussion of Secret UN-NGO Liaison of Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses!

Part 1

When we examine the 23rd chapter of Ezekiel, and the history of these two prophetic figures of our time, we notice both women as mentioned in this chapter, were daughters of one mother. They were sisters. According to the 1973 Watchtower, pages 89-93 Christendom pictures both "Oholah" (Catholicism) and "Oholibah" (Protestantism). However, since we know Protestantism, in actuality, sprang from Catholicism, this of course makes "Oholah" the MOTHER of "Oholibah" and not a sister, would it not? Obviously, Christendom then, cannot picture BOTH "Oholah" and "Oholibah," could it? This simply would not make much sense. Therefore, all Jehovah's Witnesses then, should be quite willing, yes eager to find out the actual identity of these two wicked, prostitute "women" of bible prophecy, as it has much meaning for us today. So then, let us give this matter a closer examination.

We remember, "Oholah," the name of the older sister, originally represented the 10-tribe kingdom with its capital at Samaria. Her name can be rendered "Her Tent" thus meaning Samaria was apostate from the start, setting up calf worship at Dan and Bethel, the northern and southern most geographical locations, for false worship. It is "Her Tent" because she was independent of Jehovah from the beginning and never conformed to the precepts, laws, and regulations of the God she claimed to serve, yes ignoring the Law of Moses itself, almost altogether. This "prostitute" woman, reminds us much of wicked Christendom and the religions thereof. Yes, with Christendom and the nations who sponsor her we see a lawlessness and violation of God's Word for many centuries, yes from her religious conception, this phony, hybrid brand of religions which, even today, continue to mislead the nations, away from God and what the bible actually teaches.

For example, those of the "Catholic" religion itself, or "Universal" religion, in the beginning it itself was purported to be the force that would unite, not only the kingdom of the Emperor of Rome, but the entire world itself. We know this religious entity has always been in opposition to Jehovah's Word and purposes, as foretold from the scriptures. This "prostitute" religion has always been Jehovah's "enemy", being apostate from the start, and thus far removed from true worship, from its conception. Thus, Samaria - the 10-tribe Kingdom prefigures modern-day Christendom, in its entity including also the Protestant faith also. Yes, it is "Her Tent," as it were since Jehovah really has no part in her. Instead, he just permits her to exist just as he did for ancient Samaria, the capital city for the 10-Tribe Kingdom that existed as alien to the more favored 2-Tribe Kingdom of Israel. Ezekiel 23:4 shows her to be the "older one", or the "greater one", showing she has existed for longer than her future "prostitute" sister, and is also "greater" in size than wicked younger sister, "Oholibah."

The name "Oholibah" means "My Tent Is In Her." This means, God's True Tent, his true people, actually exist within, yes, within this younger "prostitute" sister, prophetically. Yes, Jehovah is going to save a "remnant" from wicked "Oholibah", a smaller portion from this smaller nation, prefigured as the city of Jerusalem, and the 2-Tribe nation of Israel, which existed as a separate entity and had a separate form of worship, at the same time.

"Community Guilt" Upon All
Jehovah's Witnesses Explained 

Ezekiel Chapter 23

Part 2

Now today, it has been fully exposed around the world, among Jehovah's Witnesses, and others who are NOT Jehovah's Witnesses themselves, about the clandestine works, the secret spiritual "fornication" of the Watchtower Society, wherein they were exposed as being NGO supporters of the United Nations organization, by the Guardian Newspaper in the UK, since October 8th, 2001. And indeed, since that time, with an additional press release of March 4, 2004, from the United Nations Office of Department of Public Information, yes it has been fully disclosed that the Watchtower Society did NOT become NGO supporters of the UN, for only a Library Card. No, but they were required, by the United Nations, as any other NGO [Non Governmental Organization] would be, to yes, write articles, using their sacred publications, formerly dedicated to announcing God's Kingdom and righteous purposes, yes, to use these "vehicles" of communication, the "Awake" and "Watchtower" magazines, to give shameless PUBLIC PROMOTION of the "ideals of the United Nations" to their worldwide audience!

Yes, the Watchtower Society, as leaders of all 7 million Jehovah's Witnesses, were required as "NGOs" for the UN, for a 10-year period, starting with the
September 8, 1991 Awake! magazine (which was written as a "sample" of what the Watchtower Society could do as a "NGO" for the United Nations Organization) -- yes, they were required to use their printed publications, to give active "support" to the United Nations Organization up till October 2001. Yes, the UN Press Release of March 4, 2004 showed that this was a requirement, for all NGOs, including the Watchtower Society. -- ***See footnote below.

Therefore, unquestionably then, this new Press Release from the United Nations, then gives irrefutable proof, that the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses were lying "thru their teeth", when they released the "Library Card" excuse to all Branch Offices of the Watchtower Society worldwide, officially on November 1, 2001. (We know, many Jehovah's Witnesses are now in serious "denial" about this whole affair, and simply will not discuss it with persons of interest at all or other inquirers, at all!) Yes, the
news Press Release of March 4, 2004, from the United Nations Organization disputed what the Governing Body had previously said, and thus, in the minds of many, actually proved the Governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses, yes to be gross, totally unrepentant liars about this secret Liaison Affair with the UN. Instead of telling the truth to the brothers back in 2001, when they were asked about this situation, as reported in the Guardian Newspaper in the UK, the Governing Body used what's known among Jehovah's Witnesses as certain "Theocratic Strategy" -- yes, or "Watchtower Society Sanctioned lying", upon their own spiritual brothers! No question , they simply lied about it, as any UNREPENTANT WRONGDOER does, to "cover his tracks", as it would seem. Yes, we are now in a good position to better understand this prophetic drama of "Oholah" and "Oholibah" of Ezekiel 23rd chapter. Yes, we are! So then, let's give this matter, and the information that follows, our "undivided" attention as we will make a sincere effort to discern fully the true meaning of the prophetic drama of "Oholah" and "Oholibah" for our times, yes for all Jehovah's Witnesses and interested persons alike.

Footnote: The publication The "Report" [copyrighted 1994] was the first printed publication to mention the unusual posture of the Watchtower Society toward the United Nations Organization with the use of the September 8th, 1991 Awake! magazine. See The "Report" book expose' entitled: "A Change In Viewpoint Concerning The United Nations" pages 205-211.

End of Part 1

Yes, as mentioned earlier, the name "Oholah" means "My Tent," and the name "Oholibah" means "My Tent Is In Her." And of course, the latter's name, yes well pictures the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses since "in her" there resides, yes, the True Tent or Temple of God's Name People, known as the "Male Child" of Revelation 12:5. Yes, many years ago, it was prophesied by the prophet Ezekiel, that this organization, the Jehovah's Witnesses themselves, would become a "prostitute" organization, under the leadership of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. And what follows, then become a situation of "community guilt" upon all, yes all Jehovah's Witnesses, because of Revelation 18:4, and what it teaches us.

Yes, here is what
Revelation 18:4 said:

"And I heard another voice out of heaven say: Get out of her, my people [Israel] if you do not want to share with her in her sins, and if you do not want to receive part of her plagues."

Yes, this verse shows that Jehovah's Witnesses, yes today, can indeed actually "share" in the wicked antics of their religious leaders, simply by being a part of the religious organization that reproaches God's Personal Name. This verse now points at Jehovah's Witnesses themselves, the ones most vocal about such a verse itself in their field ministry. The people who quoted
Revelation 18:4, more than any religious organization upon earth. Yes, all Jehovah's Witnesses are facing this "judgment" from the mouth of Jehovah himself, exactly as we all taught at one time or another as even former Watchtower adherents, yes we taught other religious people, going from door-to-door about this scripture, and the "community guilt" implied by it. There can be no question we Jehovah's Witnesses, former or current, told people we preached to in no uncertain terms, that if they didn't leave their wicked religious organizations, their fornicating, prostituting religions like the Catholics, the Baptists, the Presbyterians, the Methodists, and the wicked Mormons and all other religions - yes, all Jehovah's Witnesses, former or current, yes even non baptized publishers within the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization and I myself, (the writer of this material) all of us, at one time, yes taught that if those people of the churches of Christendom, or even those who were members of so-called "Babylon the Great," the world empire of all false religion, the House of Satan as it were, we taught that if they didn't leave those filthy religions, those prostitute religions, then they would be liable to Jehovah's direct for punishment, according to Revelation 18:4. And of course, we explained this by saying this was called: "COMMUNITY GUILTY" or "guilt by association." We said, it was like being "accessory to the crime,” in Jehovah’s eyes. Yes, this is what Jehovah's Witnesses taught. Which means, all 7 million Jehovah's Witnesses strong, are, before God, yes accessories to the "antics" and wicked works of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses...no question about it!

So now, how can we escape guilt!

Yes, now Jehovah's Witnesses must play the part of "hypocrites" before all of the religions of the world, now. Jehovah's Witnesses are now, "put on this spot," because of the wicked antics of the Watchtower Society and its Governing Body. Yes, Jehovah Witnesses must now say:

"...WE ARE NOT GUILTY OF THIS CRIME OF APOSTASY BEFORE JEHOVAH, no, we are completely innocent!"

Ahhhhh, yes.

To play the hypocrite, now! Yes, to do this before the Heavens and Company (Angels) Above...

But, as we all remember, oh so well, isn't it true that we as Jehovah's Witnesses taught, publicly to people of the world, in our so-called "field ministry," that people who stayed with the Churches of Christendom, and continued to support their wicked leaders, their wicked ministers who taught them wrong, and lied to them - didn't we say, that those people WOULD BE DESTROYED, those parishners, who continued to give outward support, by keeping their membership there, in those church organizations? Didn't we actually say this, teach this, yes, preach this from the public platforms at our larger assemblies. Did not we teach such a thing? We taught "Community Guilt" and we used Revelation 18:4 as our "proof-text," did we not?

Yes, and didn't we further teach that Jesus would reject all forms of "hypocrisy," as he condemned in his day, those who tried to "set aside the commandment of God." Those, who as it were, "worshipped in vain" before their God, yes those who followed those religious leaders who practiced things displeasing to Jehovah, and those things Jesus considered as: spiritual "leaven" in Jehovah's sight. Which means of course, a "little leaven ferments the whole lump" of the religion itself, in this case, namely the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization, some 7 million strong? - See Mark 7:7-9; Luke 12:1; Galatians 5:7-9.

Well, guess what? Now, all Jehovah's Witnesses, on the basis of Revelation 18:4, are now faced with "Community Guilt," the same kind that is spoken of in Revelation 18:4. (Compare Leviticus 4:3) Yes, the religious leaders of the Jehovah's Witnesses, namely the Governing Body, have now "sinned" before God. They have now become a "prostitute", fornicating brand of filthy spiritual leaders before God Almighty. So, what now? .... Do you imagine that Jehovah God will change his lofty requirements, simple to appease, the lofty-minded, vigorous preaching Jehovah's Witnesses, today? The ones who now, have blatantly "acted wickedly toward [God's] holy covenant," openly in front of all, including Satan the Devil, yes the entire planet of mankind! -- Daniel 11:30; Malachi 3:6

Ahhhhhh, not so, actually!

And yet, some Jehovah's Witnesses actually feel because they are God's Name People, yes, they say that they are "The Temple of Jehovah, the Temple of Jehovah, The Temple of Jehovah, we are..." Oh yes, this filthy spiritual fornication of the Watchtower Society itself, many, many active Jehovah's Witnesses hope that this most horrendous "act" on the Governing Body's part, will not be viewed by Jehovah God, as being a true "covenant-breaker" itself, as foretold in bible prophecy itself. (See Malachi 2:8, 9; Jeremiah 7:4) Yes, they feel that surely, surely, "Jehovah will not dump" us, on account of what the Watchtower Society Headquarters Staff did, would he? But, ah yes, Jehovah answers rather clearly:

"I will do also to the house upon which my name has been called, in which you are trusting, and to the place that I gave to you and to your forefathers, just as I did to Shiloh. And I will throw you out from before my face, just as I threw out all your brothers, the whole offspring of Ephraim". - Jeremiah 7:14, 15

Yes, it seem wicked, filthy Jehovah's Witnesses as a whole, simply want to uphold their filthy "Temple" arrangement, the filthy arrangement of their so-called "anointed" ones. But as mentioned above, prophetically speaking, Jehovah has said,

"...they must be thrown out before his face...",

Yes, Almighty God has said, has shown indeed, thru the messages of the "prophets" of old, that Jehovah's Witnesses, as a whole, yes, must be disfellowshipped, from before His Righteous Face! Why? Well, because they will not, act to "correct" the wrongdoer, namely in this case, the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses themselves -- that's why!

Therefore, without a doubt, the WTS and Jehovah's Witnesses, all are guilty before Jehovah now, of committing spiritual fornication. Yes, Jehovah's Witnesses, as an organization, yes pictures modern-day spiritual "Oholibah", the newly established "prostitute" woman, who is the true wicked "sister" to "Oholah", the wicked churches of Christendom.


End of Part 2

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