Romans 5:13, 14 Promises Grand Blessings
For God’s Earthly Kingdom BEFORE
The 1,000 – Year Reign On Earth!

Ask yourself one important question:

When Jesus' life course was complete and
he had fully kept the Mosaic Law perfectly,
that is kept every law perfectly, completely
without sin itself, did this action on Jesus'
part, entitle Jesus to everlasting life on
earth, or in the heavens...which?

In other words, wasn't Jehovah trying
show a perfect man such as Jesus, could
indeed KEEP HIS LAW, just as Adam
could have done so?

Further, if Jesus did what Adam could have done, then why wouldn't Jesus INHERIT THE EXACT SAME as Adam would have inherited, if he had obeyed Jehovah's Law too? Wouldn't they have inherited the exact same thing, from the hand of God Almighty? And wouldn't that be,
ETERNAL LIFE ON EARTH ... Isn't that so? -- See 1 Corinthians 15:45.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...Think about it.

YORWW Congregation Manuscript #1011

You see, one thing we learn about the Mosaic Law Covenant is that, it was designed to produce a faithful priesthood ... ON EARTH. (Exodus 19:5, 6) A special priesthood where all obedient followers of this covenant, would inherit everlasting life, like Adam and & Eve had. Everlasting life, that was free of "sin," "sickness," and "death." This was the point that Paul made at Romans 5:13, 14, which says.

is not charged against anyone when there is no law.
, even over those who had not sinned
after the likeness of the transgression by Adam, who bears
a resemblance to him that was to come."

Paul said above, Sin was only "in the world," up to THE LAW,
did you see that? Also Paul said above, the powerful age-old
enemy of "DEATH," only ... only "ruled as king from ADAM
DOWN TO MOSES," ... did you see this? Now, for the big
question ... what does this mean?

Do you have the answer to such a baffling question?

Of course, we know Jesus kept this Law, the
Mosaic Law Covenant, perfectly, did he not? Therefore, Jesus then, would have been entitled to received exactly what Adam had lost, namely a life free of "sin," "sickness," and "death." All of which would mean, Jesus, had he not been murdered by wicked men of the Jewish nation (using the Roman Authorities and Pontius Pilate), according to Satan's wishes, then ... yes, Jesus would have lived forever on earth? Isn't that so?

Yes, Jesus would have inherited life
UPON EARTH ... isn't that correct thinking? Now, that's if he had continued to live on earth, and practiced no sin upon it at all, then wouldn't that mean, Jesus would have completely fulfilled all ... all of the wonderful prophecies about blessed life on earth? Isn't that true? Yes, Jesus would have fully carried out, Grand Blessings of earth wide peace, like what's spoken of in Psalms 72:6-19, Micah 5:4 and Zechariah 9:10, would he not? Then too, wouldn't Jesus have carried out the wonderful blessings establishing true worship on earth, whereby many "nations," yes "mighty nations" even, would finally have decided to worship Jehovah, as promised in prophecy like what's found at Isaiah 2:2-4, Micah 4:1-4 and Zechariah 8:20-22, where "mighty nations" from all over the earth, would "stream" to the Grand "Mountain of Jehovah" and would be fed spiritually, and have "Zion's Law," being promulgated to them, yes ... ETERNALLY ... yes, forever.

And why do we say this?

Again, it would have been so because Jesus, yes Jesus, was
ALIVE ON EARTH, dispensing these wonderful blessings upon earth for mankind's benefit. That's why. Yes, Jesus would have been alive as a man, a perfect sin-free man, who had completely fulfilled the Mosaic Law Covenant, and would thus have inherited all of those blessing inherent ... yes, inherent in that particular Law Covenant, the Mosaic Law Covenant.

Think about it...

But, of course, we know this did not happen.
No because Jesus, the perfect man who kept
the Mosaic Law perfectly ... was MURDERED ...
was he not?

Yes, Jesus was murdered, and his perfect,
sin-free, sickness-free, death-free life was
greatly shortened, courtesy of wicked Satan
the Devil. Isn't that so?

Now, with Jesus' life being shortened, taken away from him without RIGHTEOUS CAUSE, what was Jehovah and Jesus to do, with all of those wonderful ... EARTHLY ... yes, earthly blessings that was
INHERENT in the Mosaic Law for anyone who fulfilled it?

Well, maybe
John 16:13-15 could help us here. Let's consider what it says below:

"However, when that one arrives, the spirit of the truth, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak of his own impulse, but what things he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things coming. That one will glorify me, because
HE WILL RECEIVE FROM WHAT IS MINE and will declare it to you. All the things that the Father has are mine. That is why I said HE RECEIVES FROM WHAT IS MINE and declares it to you."

Did you notice above, Jesus said the "spirit of truth," was going to "receive what was mine," namely what
rightfully belonged to Jesus, after he faithfully FULFILLED the Mosaic Law? -- Matthew 5:17

Did you notice this?


Do you have any idea what they could
possibly mean?

How the "spirit of truth," could actually ...
RECEIVE something this important from
Jesus? Do you know actually what this
means, for us today?

...Think about it.


An amazing thing that many people do not realize, is that although Jesus Christ completely ABOLISHED the age-old enemy "death," by means of being completely obedient to the Mosaic Law Covenant, and yet we know, Jesus did NOT completely ABOLISH the Mosaic Law Covenant itself. This is an interesting fact, don't you think? -- See
Romans 3:31.

Indeed Paul said at
2 Timothy 1:10,

"But now it has been made clearly evident through the manifestation of our Savior, Christ Jesus,
who has abolished death but has shed light upon life and incorruption through the good news,"

Yes, Jesus Christ abolished [Adamic] "death" forever. And of course, this was made possible because God Almighty gave Jesus a Law Covenant to follow. The same one Moses had. So, Jesus was completely obedient to His Holy Father's Law Covenant arrangement promised to Moses on Mt. Sinai, and by doing so received all of the promised blessings, which was originally promised to Moses when he received the Law from God. Jesus inherited the complete blessings Jehovah promised in the Mosaic Law Covenant. Indeed, Jesus "fulfilled" the powerful Mosaic Law, and died faithful to this Law, thereby staying true to its "eternal" principles, thus releasing the imprisoned nation of Israel, fully from the condemnation of sin, sickness and death before God. Again
Jesus did this, by being completely obedient to God's Original Law given to Moses.

But again, an important point to remember here is what Jesus actually said:

"Do not think I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I came, not to destroy, but to fulfill;"

No, Jesus did not come to "destroy the Law," but only to "fulfill" it. -- Matthew 5:17

So, Jesus did not come to fully
ABOLISH the Mosaic Law, did he? Jesus did not come to "DESTROY" the Mosaic Law Covenant, did he? No, but he came to "fulfill" it, he said. That was his mission for his time period. To fulfill it, but not to destroy it. That was NOT Jehovah's purpose for the Mosaic Law Covenant, at that time, namely to "destroy" it. And how do we know this?

Well, the bible shows us, Jehovah had
additional plans for the Mosaic Law Covenant, in the future, in our day and time. And that fact is borne out by going back to examine just how the "Song of Moses" [the Mosaic Law] would be revisited. That's right, it would be revisited in day and time, and actually "sang" for the benefit of all mankind, when they come to understand its unique ETERNAL principles that must be considered. Oh yes, that point is made quite clear, when we come face-to-face with what's shown in the book of Revelation, as our FUTURE. -- See Revelation 15:3.

Jehovah God Himself, said the principles found in the Mosaic Law Covenant, were eternal. Therefore, those principles found in the "Song of Moses," were actual ETERNAL, EVERLASTING principles, that we mustn't forget. There are many mentions of this within the Mosaic Law Covenant itself, but we will list a few for your consideration. (Please consider the following bible texts that prove this. See
Exodus 12:14; Exodus 12:17; Leviticus 3:17)

So then, we can really see the Mosaic Law Covenant, and its principles are eternal, everlasting principles, that Jehovah
instilled into that same Law Covenant. And as such, Jehovah God can ENACT, or bring to life, any of these eternal principles, at any time He sees fit. And that is just a fact.

Interestingly, in doing our daily bible study and research, we may have covered Paul's words at
Romans 5: 13, 14. Have you? Well, that particular bible text taken from the New World Translation reads,

until the Law sin was in the world, but sin is not charged against anyone when there is no law. Nevertheless, death ruled as king from Adam down to Moses, even those who had not sinned after the likeness of the transgression by Adam who bears a resemblance to him that was to come"


Did you notice the part of the verse
that says specifically:

"until the Law sin was in the world,"
and also this part,
"...death ruled as
king from Adam down to Moses..."

Ever thought of what that might mean
for us today?

Many of us remember, Jesus was able to
attain to a glorious, wondrous "righteous"
standing himself before God Almighty, by
his proven loyalty, steadfast and unswerving
obedience to the Mosaic Law. In this way,
Jesus could be finally "DECLARED A SON" of Jehovah, in a permanent sense. Something Adam never accomplished for himself. But Jesus accomplished this, at his resurrection from the dead, when he had completely fulfilled his ministry. He became a "conqueror" fully in God's sight at that time. -- Romans 1:4; Revelation 3:21

After that, in God's eyes, Jesus was declared "righteous," on a permanent basis. But this would be, only AFTER he had completely "fulfilled" the righteous requirements of the Mosaic Law Covenant, and was put to death as a "righteous" man before God. In this way, Jesus was "declared" righteous by God, on a permanent basis, and came to be called God's Son ... on a everlasting, permanent basis. He attained this special status and standing with God, at his resurrection from the dead, but not before then. -- Matthew 5:17; Romans 1:4

Going back in time, before Jesus, we remember the nation of Israel received the Mosaic Law and for the first time, acquainted God's Name People with an extensive system of laws and ceremonial procedures, that would reveal exactly what Jehovah considered to be "holy," and "righteous" before Him.

For example,
Romans 3:20 says:

"Therefore by works of law no flesh will be declared righteous before him, for
by law is the accurate knowledge of sin."

So with the advent of the Mosaic Law, for the first time, Jehovah gave a fuller picture of what he required of men, so that they could attain to a "righteous" standing before Him. The "law" made sin visible to us, clear to us. We gained an "accurate knowledge of sin," by coming to know God's Law. In this sense, it became a "teacher" or special "tutor" [Greek:
Pedagogue or "child leader"] eventually leading the nation to Jesus.

However, we might want to mention at this point, something quite interesting, as to attaining to a "righteous" standing before God.

Faithful men of old like for instance, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, did not have the benefit of having such an extensive set of laws, that were so detail in nature and explicit, as found in the Mosaic Law. And yet, God's Word is quite clear these men all attained to a "righteous" standing before Jehovah. In fact, Jesus himself once said of them,

"But that the dead are raised up even Moses disclosed, in the account about the thorn bush, when he calls Jehovah the God of Abraham and God of Isaac and God of Jacob. He is a God, not of the dead, but of the living, for
THEY ARE ALL LIVING TO HIM." -- Luke 20:37, 38

Jesus showed above, these faithful men of old [Abraham, Isaac and Jacob], even though they lived before the giving of the Law Covenant, still had attained to a "righteous" standing before God, and could look forward to unending, everlasting life before Him in His Kingdom. This is precisely why Jesus made the following comment about the future life prospects of these faithful men of old:

"But I tell you that many from eastern parts and western parts will come and recline at the table with
Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of the heavens." -- Matthew 8:11

Also, this is why, Hebrews 11:8-10 shows these same faithful men of old (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), looked forward to the time, when they would finally benefit from the coming of the holy "city" of God [New Jerusalem], that would ultimately remedy all mankind's ills.

Therefore, we can ask ourselves a very important question at this point...

How was such a thing possible for these faithful men of old [Abraham, Isaac and Jacob], that is to be able to attain to a "righteous" standing before Jehovah, without the aid of the Mosaic Law, and the "ransom" sacrifice of Jesus Christ? Did not Jesus himself show, these men were assured of everlasting life, within God's Kingdom?

God's Word answers, they all had undying faith in God and His Standards of Righteousness. Also they all, obeyed Jehovah implicitly, so unlike Adam and Eve. -- Romans 4:3; Hebrews 11:8

Therefore, on the basis of
Romans 5:13, 14, Jehovah could offer the prospect of everlasting life & freedom from Adamic "Sin" as it were, to his obedient servants [nation of Israel], under Moses' leadership, if His Will dictated that. But it would always be His choice. And this could be done, even before Jesus came on the earthly scene ... that's BEFORE Jesus.

Again, how is this possible?

Well, this could be possible because these faithful men of old, even though having a limited knowledge of God's Standards of Righteousness during the time they lived, were able to attain to a
"RIGHTEOUS" STANDING before Him, and become fully acceptable to Him. And thus at the end of their lives upon earth, these faithful men of old could look forward with certain assurity, to the prospects of everlasting life before God in His Kingdom, based upon their conduct, faithful and obedient service to Him.

Romans 5:13, 14 in connection with Exodus 19:5, 6, shows God's Purpose to use the nation of Israel as an EXAMPLE or PARADIGM for the rest of the world, to show them what true obedience to His Law, could bring for them. First, the "kingdom of priests" nation on earth, would be given complete freedom from "sickness" and "death," all BEFORE the millennium, to show the world once and for all, what would occur on a grander [worldwide] scale, if they decided to give Jehovah the same obedience to His Righteous Laws. Therefore, when the 1,000 year reign begins, then finally the whole world could now receive the same benefits they witnessed the "priestly kingdom" enjoying before them. In fact, a careful reading of Isaiah 33:17-24, shows this earthly "kingdom" in action, and bears out the truth of this possibility, for us today.

Therefore it would be reasonable to conclude,
Revelation 21:3, 4 and other related verses, could indeed show us precisely what life could ... could be like, when Jehovah authorizes the rulership of "New Jerusalem" upon earth. A place, where "no resident" of New Jerusalem would say, "I am sick." It would become a place where, "death would be swallowed up forever," and all the nations round about could see this phenomenon of God's making. -- Isaiah 33:24; Isaiah 25:8

No doubt, when Jehovah authorizes these "kings" & "priests" to rule "
UPON THE EARTH" as promised, these earthly conditions would be present for all to see. (See Revelation 5:9, 10 New World Kingdom Interlinear Translation.) And these conditions would continue for a while, while the nations observed the results of "righteousness" on display for all to see. And after that was visible for a period of time, the nations would be in a better position, and could make an INFORMED DECISION, as to whether they wished to serve a Loving, Merciful God such as this. In the end, the ones that finally choose to serve Jehovah, would be spared to live through the coming battle of "Har-mageddon," and would receive the same benefits (life free of sickness and death) as was witnessed and experienced by the "Priestly Nation" before them. -- See Exodus 19:5, 6; Revelation 16:16; Revelation 21:3, 4.

At this point, it would be good for us visit a very special passage, bible prophecy itself, shown for us at:

Isaiah 33:17-24 says,

"A King in his handsomeness is what your eyes will behold; they will see a land far away. Your own heart will comment in low tones on a frightful thing: Where is the secretary? Where is the one that does the paying out? Where is the one counting the towers? No insolent people will you see, a people too deep in language to listen to, of a stammering tongue without understanding. Behold Zion, the town of our festal occasions! Your own eyes will see
JERUSALEM AN UNDISTURBED ABIDING PLACE, a tent that no one will pack up. Never will its tent pins be pulled out, and none of its ropes will be torn in two. But there the Majestic One, Jehovah, will be for us a place of rivers of wide canals. On it no galley fleet will go, and no majestic ship will pass over it. For Jehovah is our Judge, Jehovah is our Statute-giver, Jehovah is our King; he himself will save us. Your ropes must hang loose; their mast they will not hold firmly erect; they have not spread a sail. At that time even spoil in abundance will have to be divided up; the lame ones themselves will actually take a big plunder. And no resident will say: "I am sick." The people that are dwelling in the land will be those pardoned for their error."

Above, we can find details (shown in prophecy) of a coming EARTHLY "Jerusalem," where no sickness or disease is shown ravaging or plaguing the people who reside there. No, none at all. (Isaiah 33:24) Instead these especially blessed people reside in an "undisturbed abiding place" it says. Truly, "undisturbed." Also we notice, "no galley fleet" or "majestic ship" of the nations, will be allowed to "pass over it," or interfere with its day-to-day procedures. In other words, no harassment or inference from the political nations or governments themselves is tolerated. This is because the "Majestic One, Jehovah," is there ... to protect them from outside forces. Jehovah is present there, to "save" them at all times. And the promise is: "NEVER," no never ... "will their ropes be torn in two," nor their "tent pins be pulled out," to terminate the operation of this especially protected holy city of "Jerusalem," upon earth.

This would be the same "Jerusalem," Mt. Zion, that is referred to in prophecies like Isaiah 2:2-4, Micah 4:1-4, and Zechariah 8:20-22. This is the place where the nations all over the earth, "stream" up to, receive the magnificent Law of God, and hear it promulgated.

The book of Daniel speaks of this very same "city," as the "Mountain of Decoration," that Jehovah protects from the unwarranted, vicious attack of the "King of the North." (Daniel 11:44, 45)

So this is certainly, an EARTHLY scene ... the description of "New Jerusalem," which finally leads the earth in righteousness.


End of Part I



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For God’s Earthly Kingdom BEFORE

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