"Two (2) Kingdom"
Concept Examined~Daniel 2:44~Text Box: “And in the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be brought to ruin. And the kingdom itself will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it itself will stand to times indefinite;

Heavenly Kingdom & Earthly Kingdom Concept Explained

Part II



Zechariah 12:7 says:

"Jehovah also shall save the tents of Judah first, that the glory of the house of David and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem be not magnified above Judah."  (American Standard Version)

The "kingdom of God" itself thus, finds its membership originating upon the earth, actually with the escape and spiritual restoration of certain Jehovah’s Witness individuals we refer to as the "Tents of Judah." Yes, these individuals are the very first, that God saves from the Jehovah's Witnesses' Organization. They are "saved first." These are the ones that show real spiritual "discernment" in escaping the "Disgusting Thing" that has been "standing where it ought not", so close to the camp of Israel. God has selected these individuals, to come out of the Jehovah’s Witness Organization first.

They are the same ones that Malachi referred to at Malachi 3:17 where it says,

"And they will certainly become mine, Jehovah of armies has said, at the day when I am producing a special property. And I will show compassion upon them, just as a man shows compassion upon his son who is serving him."

These "Tents of Judah" will be used by God to form an earthly government established right here upon earth, as the Royal Government of God. These ones will be "cut out" of an earthly "mountain." "Cut out", not with human hands, but with the hands of God, out of an EARTHLY MOUNTAIN, one that is upon this earth today. What is cut out, is at first a small "stone." A small "stone" cut out by God, of God-Selected Individuals, first grouped together as a small congregation or "Stone." These God-Selected individuals are taken from the "mountain" that bears the Name of the Great God Jehovah. Yes, Jehovah's Witnesses as a spiritual nation would be this "mountain" that God "cuts out" for Himself to establish this earthly "Kingdom" of His. Therefore, this "mountain" is to be understood as Jehovah's Witnesses, as Modern Day "Israel" of bible prophecy!

To be sure, these God-Selected Individuals of the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization spoken of as the "Tents of Judah," are also called in the book of Revelation the
"Male Child" that rules "with the iron scepter." The "Male Child" according to prophecy is born, during a time of great agony, great trial and tribulation, great pains like real "labor pains" of birth, during a time of great travail and agony for "Israel", the earthly "mountain" that they are "cut out" of by God's Almighty hand. -- Isaiah 66:5-9; Revelation 12:1-5

These things are done, as the prophet says,

"...Not by military force, nor by power, but by my spirit, Jehovah of Armies has said...For who has despised the day of small things?..." -- Zechariah 4:6, 10

A small "stone" at first. Not necessarily many, many individuals at first from that great "mountain" organization but later growing, and growing more in size, into finally becoming "A Large Mountain" itself. So large a "stone" that it is "filling" the entire earth in size. And also with membership thereof possessing the "true knowledge of God," that finally makes, "true knowledge abundant" in all of the earth, as
Daniel 12:4 says it would become.

A "stone" that once reaches its full size, with the backing of Almighty God Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and all the might of His heavenly forces of angelic warriors, is fully capable of pulverizing all existing governments pictured by the visional statute, particularly the "feet" of the statute, the "feet" of "molded clay mixed with iron", just as Daniel 2nd chapter shows.

Daniel 2:34, 35, 44, 45 says this:

"You kept on looking until a stone was cut out not by hands, and it struck the image on its feet of iron and of molded clay and crushed them. At that time the iron, the molded clay, the copper, the silver and the gold were, all together, crushed and became like the chaff from the summer threshing floor, and the wind carried them away so that no trace at all was found of them. And as for the stone that struck the image, it became a large mountain and filled the whole earth."

"And in the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be brought to ruin. And the kingdom itself will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it itself will stand to times indefinite; forasmuch as you beheld that out of the mountain a stone was cut not by hands, and that it crushed the iron, the copper, the molded clay, the silver and the gold. The Grand God himself has made known to the king what is to occur after this. And the dream is reliable, and the interpretation of it is trustworthy."

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We remember the words of Jesus at John 18:36, where he said

"...my kingdom is NOT of this world".

Some have wondered, the "kingdom" that Jesus referred to in John 18:36, what exactly was it? And was it the same "kingdom" Jesus taught his followers to pray for when he said, "Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth". (Matthew 6:10). Is it possible the latter mention of a "kingdom" at Matthew 6, could refer to an "earthly kingdom" arrangement from God? Yes, a "kingdom" that would be "set up" by God himself, during the final part of the days? --
Daniel 2:44

Actually, the Bible reveals the Kingdom that Jesus referred to in
John 18:36, "which is not of this world," is not one and the same with the kingdom of Daniel 2:44, which ultimately crushes "all other kingdoms" upon earth and "it itself shall stand to time indefinite." Instead the Bible shows Almighty God shall "cut out" from an already existing "mountain" a small "stone", that will eventually engulf the entire earth. And God would rule from this magnificent "stone" or the "stone" becomes an expression of God's vast rulership upon earth. We see it is Jehovah himself that "cuts out" to his liking this small regal "stone". So it is Almighty God Himself who "sets up" this earthly kingdom arrangement, to his liking. Jehovah God "cuts it out" from an already existing "mountain" that He possesses or owns. -- Daniel 2:34, 35, 44, 45

And this earthly "kingdom" arrangement would exist and act more as an
extension or physical representation of the Grander Heavenly Governmental arrangement or "kingdom" in Heaven.

Thus, the idea is born of a
2-kingdom Concept. The writer of this article will seek to prove God's Word the Bible, actually teaches us about two (2) separate and distinct "kingdom" governments that he uses to accomplish all of his purposes. Of course, it is to be understood the earthly arrangement is always subservient to the Greater, All-Pervasive Heavenly Governmental arrangement that Jesus actually inherited, when he was allowed to “sit” upon God’s Heavenly Throne. -- Psalms 110:1; Hebrews 10:12, 13; 1 Peter 3:22

Here is a simple breakdown of each.

1) The latter government mentioned above is indeed an earthly "kingdom" or government that actually starts out here on earth, as the "tiniest [smallest] of mustard seeds" from a human standpoint, but grows up to be a powerful EARTHLY GOVERNMENTAL arrangement which eventually engulfs the entire earth. Interestingly, this earthly "kingdom" was foretold to have the most dubious beginning, even something that could be "despised" by man because of its "smallness" -- before God exalts it to earthly greatness. (Daniel 2:34, 35, 44, 45; Ezekiel 17:22-24; Zechariah 4:10; Mark 4:30-32) This earthly government will be headed up by a mystery figure, unknown to mankind today, and yet vividly described as being the "Chieftain" of Ezekiel 44:1-3, 45:22 and 46:16, 17. He will prove to be a "Christian" follower of Jesus Christ and will rule the earth from this new future "temple" arrangement spoken of in Ezekiel chapters 40-48. This EARTHLY government will be eternal and everlasting. (Daniel 7:13, 14, 18) We can be assured of this because of what Ezekiel himself said about that holy city, "The name of the city FROM THAT DAY ON will be Jehovah Himself Is There." Thus, this "kingdom" or "city" that sits upon a great and lofty mountain actually lasts forever. It is God's Earthly Governmental Arrangement. -- Ezekiel 40:2; Ezekiel 48:35

The prophets of old referred to this earthly kingdom many times. For instance, Isaiah and Micah showed it as being "Zion", a lofty mountain, where countless nations willingly "beat their swords into plowshares" and "learn war no more". These individuals literally "stream" to this new earthly governmental arrangement, in the "final part of the days". Daniel referred to it as a "Mountain of Decoration" that Jehovah God protects from the attack of the "King of the North", in the last days. But before this new governmental arrangement can take place, serious issues have to resolved. Godly discipline must come upon earthly "Israel" as God's seat of governmental rule, before the full establishment of this new earthly government. Once established and "Israel" is restored to God's full favor, it then begins its rule over earth everlastingly with God's backing. -- Isaiah 2:2-4; Micah 4:1-4; Daniel 11:44,45; Isaiah 4:2-6; Micah 4:6,7

Unbeknownst to Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower Society, this explains why
Revelation 5:9, 10 shows explicitly this "kingdom" actually rules "UPON THE EARTH", rather than "over the earth", just as the Watchtower Society’s New World Translation Kingdom Interlinear Word-for-Word Bible clearly shows.

2) Of course, this earthly kingdom definitely differs from the kingdom that Jesus spoke of and directed first century Christians to look to as their "heavenly inheritance". We remember the earthly "kingdom" governmental set up, operates always UNDERNEATHE the Heavenly Governmental arrangement purely as a subsidiary or extension of that all-pervasive government in Heaven. This is true at all times. As the earthly seat of the Government of God, it represents exactly what ADAM would have possessed, as head Patriarch of the human family upon earth, if he had remained faithful to God. Adam, according to God's purposes, would have occupied such a position upon earth before ALL mankind, if he had been faithful like Jesus Christ.

When we examine God's Heavenly Governmental Arrangement, God's Word shows this powerful governmental arrangement in the hands of Jesus, definitely was NOT to last forever or eternally. It remains God's Throne, God's Government. God's Universal Sovereignty, where he "Rules" unchallenged the entire universe of His making. Therefore the particular governmental RULE that Jesus spoke of that existed IN HEAVEN, was to be a temporary rule itself. It was not meant to remain as an "everlasting" rule by Jesus Christ, where Jesus Christ and his associate kings and rulers were to rule in the very presence of the Great August One, Jehovah God. The heavenly Rule of God, is clearly a UNIVERSAL RULERSHIP, including all of God's creation, visible or invisible and is All-Pervasive. Naturally, its scope covers both heaven and earth, as Jesus said at Matthew 28:18. Thus, Jesus was to be given complete oversight and "authority" over both "heaven and earth", for a specific period of time only. It was to be a TEMPORARY rule.

Therefore, we should note then this "rule" exercised in heaven, is to be contrasted and deemed as quite different with the foretold "rule" of David's heir, who "RULES EVERLASTINGLY" upon David's Throne on the earth. In this way, this particular kingdom thus becomes the fulfillment of outstanding prophecies found in Daniel 7:13, 14 and Revelation 11:15. -- See Luke 1:32, 33; Also Revelation 12:5.

Contrary to what the Watchtower Society and Jehovah's Witnesses understand, the Bible shows this heavenly "rulership" by Jesus actually began in the first century starting with Jesus' heavenly resurrection to spirit life and being
"Declared a Son" in the ultimate sense by Jehovah. (Matthew 28:18; Romans 1:4) Thus, Jesus became a "conqueror" in the fullest sense at this time. Also, after taking the throne in heaven, Jesus promised his disciples that they too would become "conquerors" too. And as such, they would join him in that particular heavenly rulership. They would be allowed to "sit upon his throne," just as Jesus had been permitted to "sit upon Jehovah's Throne" in heaven. -- Revelation 3:21

But this kingdom's seat of government was heavenly, not earthly. This is the vital difference. Additionally, this heavenly rulership of Jesus and his followers would prove to be only temporary, and not permanent. Another vital difference, that is, the governmental rule of Jesus where, as it were, he rules from God's Throne, sitting at God's Right Hand would not last forever. It would have a definite ending point. It was not meant to last forever. We know because of Paul's words where he stated that Jesus' kingdom must
GO BACK TO GOD HIMSELF. Jesus must "hand over" the "kingdom" back to God Almighty. This means at some point, Jesus gives up his heavenly governmental rule, and returns it to his God and His Father, Jehovah. Jesus "turns the kingdom over" to Jehovah, when Jesus has fully accomplished Jehovah's Will toward the earth, namely by the complete removal of the effects of Adamic death, sin and the complete removal and destruction of all human "governments and authorities" upon earth as "enemies placed under his feet" in subjection. -- Hebrews 1:3; Hebrews 2:8; 1 Corinthians 15:24-28

The Bible tells us at
Luke 1:32, 33, Jehovah God would "give" Jesus the "throne of David." But think, King David never sat upon God's Throne in Heaven, did he? Neither was David or his "heir" ever promised, by way of bible prophecy, to would "rule" in heaven, upon God's Almighty Throne of Authority, right?

Actually "David's Throne," we remember, was an
earthly throne, an earthly seat of rulership. Therefore history shows, Jesus never actually exercised his God-given "right" to sit upon an earthly throne to rule over the earth, which was surely INHERENT in the promises of the Mosaic Law and Davidic Covenant attachments. Jesus fulfilled the Mosaic Law and rightfully possessed the right to rule on earth, as David's heir. But he did not necessarily, EXERCISE that right. Even though, at his resurrection, Jesus Christ was indeed "given" David's Throne, or at least the right to receive that EARTHLY throne, when he was fully "declared a Son" of God. -- Romans 1:4



So, what happened to that God-given right, to "rule" the entire earth from "David's [earthly] throne", that rests in the hands of God's "only-begotten" son, Jesus? Well, Jesus still has that right. But, the Bible tells us Jesus is going to do something, UNTHOUGHT OF, UNHEARD OF, never, ever conceived by the hearts of men. Jesus is going to "give it" -- the right to David's Throne -- to someone upon earth. Jesus is going to give away, that God-given right to rule the entire earth, to a "Christian" follower of his, a "man in union with Christ" that Paul saw in a vision or revelation of the future, described at
2 Corinthians 12:1-5. A "man in union with Christ" that Paul would "boast" about. Let's notice Jesus' direct reference to this one at John 16:14, 15 where he promised:

"That one [spirit of truth] will glorify me, because he will receive from what is mine and will declare it to you. All the things that the Father has are mine. That is why I said he receives from what is mine and declares it to you."

Yes, the "Spirit of Truth" is a person on earth, a "Christian" follower of Jesus, who will glorify Jesus before all earth's inhabitants. He will "bear witness" about Jesus. (John 15:26) He would "bear witness" about Jesus and this magnificent act of his, to give this earthly "Davidic" right of his to rule earth, to the "Spirit of Truth," the mystery "Chieftain" of Ezekiel 44:1-3, Ezekiel 45:22, Ezekiel 46:16,17, yes, to the Modern Day "Servant" of
Isaiah 49:1-9. He gives it to the one who is to be known as "Shiloh," the one spoken of at Genesis 49:1, 10, the who is to come upon the earthly scene "in the final part of the days."

Yes, after we consider these verses, verses such as Ezekiel 44:1-3, Ezekiel 45:22, and Ezekiel 46:16, 17 and many others, we can begin to see or understand that it really speaks of a man, a "Christian" follower of Jesus, that God will use in a special capacity as a spiritual leader upon earth, who rules from a future temple of God's making. Ezekiel calls him the "Chieftain" who "eats bread" in the "east gate" before God Almighty.

Ezekiel 44:1-3 says:

"And he proceeded to bring me back by way of the gate of the sanctuary, the outer one facing east, and it was shut. Then Jehovah said to me: "As regards this gate, shut is how it will continue. It will not be opened, and no mere man will come in by it; for Jehovah himself, the God of Israel, has come in by it, and it must continue shut. However, the chieftain -- as chieftain he himself will sit in it, in order to eat bread before Jehovah. By way of the porch of the gate he will come in, and by way of it he will go out."

End of Part II


Ezekiel 17:22-24

Revelation 5:5

“Living Water” - John 7:37, 38